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Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Center

We are able to treat and rehabilitate any conditions in our Physical Therapy Center. These include:

-Post Surgical Rehabilitation of the Spine, Knee,       Shoulder & Wrist

-Rotation Cuff Therapy & Refracture

-Improve your Posture & Balance
-Strengthen Your Core
-Improve Your Ranges of Motion

 Currently we have 3 licensed Doctors of Chiropractic who also have Physical Therapy privileges.  This means our scope includes all services allowed to Physical Therapies. 

  Our clinic has a large P.T./Rehab facility since 1988. We offer the following services:


High Volt Galvantic Stimulation

 Interferential Current Therapy

 Lumbar & Cervical Traction

 Class III Cold Laser

Graston Technique

 Mackenzie & Williams Exercises

 Balance Training

Core Conditioning

 PNF Stretching

 Myofascial Release

 Joint Mobilization

GAIT Training

 Kinetic Activities


    Post-Surgical REHAB for the following:

       Rotator Cuff,

•Knee Replacement

•Hip Replacement

•Spinal Stenosis

•Shoulder Replacement

We help you get back on your fee​t!

Our rehabilitation team helps patients recover from accidents, injuries or disease to 

regain their strength and range of motion 

with a goal of returning to your

 hobbies and activities you enjoy!

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