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Complete line of pharmaceutical grade supplements

Comprehensive Analysis including: Detoxification Profile, Elemental, Vitamin, Blood/Urine/Stool, and Profile Body Composition Testing

Metagenics sponsored First Line Therapy program for weight loss and healthier lifestyle education, monitored by a certified Nutritionist.

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First Line Therapy | Metagenics:

What is FirstLine Therapy? It is a proven program that incorporates personal lifestyle medicine involving changes such as healthy nutrition, nutritional protocols, exercise, and stress management.

How does First Line Therapy help? It helps patients manage, reduce the risk of, and even reverse chronic illnesses.

Who does First Line Therapy help? Everyone! It can help anyone willing to change their current condition or maintain their current health.

When does the First Line Therapy process start? As soon as your questionnaires, food diaries, and any other medical information (lab results etc.) are evaluated, we will schedule a 30 minute consultation to discuss the results.  During the consult, the Nutritionist describes the right plan for your specific body composition and/or medical conditions. After, you get to decide if FLT will be right for you!

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Nutrition New Patient Forms:

Please complete forms in black/blue ink and return to office at least 1 day prior to your appointment.

Please note, if the forms are not returned on time, your appointment may need to be rescheduled!

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