Nutritional Products

We carry over 100 of the highest quality and highest researched nutritional products from the following companies:

Metagenics, DaVinci Labs, Thorne, and Apex Energentics

UltraMeal® Medical Food EPA-DHA Complex® 0000101_cholestar-rf_353





Want to order yourself through Metagenics?

Whether Henry Chiropractic is too far away or it is easier for products to be shipped to your house, Metagenics supplements can be ordered online via the link below!

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Supplies & Orthopedic devices:

Henry Chiropractic has these devices available:

Bosus, Biofreeze, Cervical Collars, Cervical Pillows, DMI Car Seats, Exercise Balls (Blue,yellow, Green, and Red), Orthotics and Sandalthotics by Amfit, Inc. and/or Foot Levelers, Inc., Heel Lifts, Headbone pillows, Hot Lu Lus, Ice Packs, Lower Back Support, Lumbar Cushions, Rocker Boards, Tennis Elbow Braces, Therabands, Wobble Boards,  Wrist Braces, and more.

    Tube or Pump Bottles







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